Just read up on our book Ilya..

Three more years have gone by – in to perfect timing! It’s quite an experience to read our pages now about life and see the last chapter..


“I love this…

I’ve connected so many people recently and I’m going to guide you more now, too, in order to connect you, too.

It’s about money… You have to earn in order to being able to do your task.

Ok, I hear you. Whatโ€™s my task?

Don’t you know? I’m smiling because I think you do know


Your task is to go out there and BE YOU. Share!”

It has been three very intense years of development to get to where I am now.. Together with a new guide. Ilya has done her part in my life and this time I didn’t object so much in the transition into Marcus who calls himself – the guide of the new time Arch Angel Marcus. He’s a great guide! He chose to talk to me in Latin ๐Ÿ˜€ Ilya chose English so that I really would believe in her words and this one goes about it in Latin! Like I know more than carpe diem from that great movie!

More than that there’s more funny contradictions.. I live in a huge one because I nowadays teach about humanity, our inner language, our oldest form of communication, our soul, connections with our inner selves, soul transformations, past life memories in order to remember who we ARE and so on and I do that with the latest tech – the latest form of communication.

Marcus who calls him self – Arch Angel of this new time IS Marcus Aurelius soul.. Contradiction? Yeah a quite funny one ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyway I’ll be sharing quite amazing stuff here about past life experiences and the clues we do experience in this life in order to remember ALL our lives.. I remember thousands of years – hundreds of life’s ALL with the same goal – peace, love – in different ways. I’ve seen my kids in different life’s I’ve been they’re mom in different life’s. I remember being a slave, kidnapped but then tough about Druids in the year of 400 – Why? Because I am a Druidess from thousands of years and had to remember it in that life to help my child. My name was Bragghia and our people was called Picts by others – but that was not who we really wore ๐Ÿ˜‰

So many stories, so much knowledge to gather from our own soul by remembering!

And the funny part? When I looked in to Druids, Druidesses I realized.. THAT’S what I already have been teaching in this life for years!

Do YOU think I smile today when I teach others how to remember?


So darn thankful to you Ilya.. by reading about your words today I clearly see you softlyย  pushed me in this direction – I LOVE YOU ALL – ILYA ๐Ÿ™‚

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