Long time no ‘see’

Oh lovely Ilya… I’ve been gone from you quite some time now. Do you forgive me?

You are so stubborn! But of course I understand. It’s been quite a development in your life? Yes?

 Yeah it has! I’m so happy! I live in a good loving relationship with a man that loves so darn much! I do see the light surrounding my home and my family. The light you talked to me about! But it’s been hard to get here.. Its still hard..

 But of course it has been hard for you! You wouldnt have grown otherwise! I’m so happy to connect with you again. I love this.. I’ve connected so many people resently and I’m gonna guide you more now too in order to connect you too. It’s about money.. You have to earn in order to being able to do your task.

I can honestly say I missed her.. I’ve been occupied by some other stuff but I’ve felt her presence all along 🙂

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