About happines – connections

I want to ask you about the connection to our soul. Whats your advice for humans that do wanna connect with their souls?

Gratitude is the easy and quick way to learn to love yourself! There´s always something to be grateful of in life. It´s the greatest gift of all.

Feel gratitude… breathe…. feel it again…. Breathe some more… Feel… Thats the feeling of your soul right there!

Do you mean it´s that simple?

But of course! There you are again complicating things thats not yours to complicate! Your soul has but one goal in life and that´s to connect to you in order to make you feel whole! Why wouldnt it be easy?

What about happiness then? Whats your advice to all of these unhappy people that are searching for happiness?

Happiness is something you are born with. The capasity itself is already in you. You loose the ability to feel happy at the very second you start to seach for it outsidde yourself. Its not there to be found – its already in you for you to explore and feel.

 Do you mean that milions of people are wrong when they keep searching for happiness?

Absolute! Happiness as a feeling comes with balance. You cant be happy in a unbalanced body. Mostly you do confuse it all with your thoughts. Not even your own thoughts really. It´s the thoughts of those who got confused in the first place and started to talk about your beliefs and not to beliefs.

The ones who stated that you only can belive in things that the eye can see. Things proven by science. Things you can touch so to say.

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