Every human has got the power to be divine in birth. All humans are divine but you have confused the word with so many other things that do not really belong in there.

Divine is the word of a pure heart.

A pure heart does not mean that a human – he or she with a pure heart – doesn’t do any wrong. Not at all! Having a pure heart means that you follow your heart and try to do right by it. You can curse, drink and be mean at times, but yet have a divine personality! Nobody acts all divine all the time! Not a human anyway.


We guides do prank each other too!

Just for the laugh of it!

You people are so darn serious!

Get outta there! Have a laugh! See the world! See the love in it!

Loving. Living. Laughing.

That’s how it is meant to be!

Anger among humans is always hard for us to comprehend!

What is there to be angry about?

Why bother?

 Or in your language: Who gives a shit in about a hundred years? Especially when you fight about material things? Ah, I know it’s about you wanting to own things. Haven’t you understood yet that you can never own anything? Haven’t the universe yet shown you that? At any time you can loose all of your material things. All you have left is your body and soul. That’s how you learn to be You. That’s your capacity to survive. A human stripped in to her own skin without any belongings has the power to survive anyway.

 Of course you need shelter, home, friends, family, food… in order to live but you have an irritating habit of clinging to all you can call mine. Why? Are you happier then? Does the feeling of owning make you happy?

 I don´t think so either.

 In order to be truly happy you people need to have a connection with your soul. You have to act like a whole human! A whole human is connected with all that she is. If you just let your brain lead you… then you are not a whole human. Brain is good to have but not quite so good you want it to be. Even a ¨brainless¨ human – meaning a human without intelligence – can survive and feel good on planet earth.

All it takes to be divine, is to let go of the belief that humans are the greatest of nature’s creatures. But of course you all are great creatures but never the greatest! There is no greatest one of all. There is no creature meant to rule planet earth. When balance gets too unbalanced nature takes care of it. Catastrophes happen in order to create balance.

If you human just understood to create that balance yourselves!

And please, start within you…

To achieve balance…..

Theres numerous things you can do in order to balance up your body mind and soul. I´ll talk about these easy ones


Believe in yourselves

Believe in magic

Don’t neglect your souls desires

Take action

You do feel it clearly when your soul speaks up to you

Take notice of that feeling

Follow it


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