Vibration´s in earth – please listen ~Ilya

When earth knocks it self like this there´s lots of vibrations following it up. Energy and wawes of power circles around inside earth and collide with themselves. Lots and lots of energy surfaces.

You can in this horror help out and do some good!

But start with you!

Get recharged!

Lots and lots of lightworkers are experiencing illnesses, fatigue, they are wearing themselves out! Today are the day to FIRST recharge THEN help!

If you all don´t recharge at first you will loose even more of your energy  wich will open up for more illnesses among you!

Please listen..

I know the horror of this event with quakes and tsunamis will touch your soul and get you to send a whole lotta love to all living creatures that´s affected of this but don´t do it head over heels.


And get recharged with this powerful energy running around in the earth!

Its a simple thing to do!

Get connected with earth, touch it, stand directly on the ground.
When doing so
Feel the greatness of love!
Appreciate all that you see.
Appreciate your life.
Let your heart fill up with gratitude!
Let your heart flow and send gratitude and love everywhere it´s needed!

Please do listen ~Ilya

Please do listen ~Ilya

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