Lea Pihlman did it again!

I love this picture with Ilyas wisdom!
I´m very grateful to Lea Pihlman who takes the time to illustrate Ilyas words! It´s lovely!

Today all day has gone to writing down Ilyas words. I´m currently writing a bok together with her. I´ll share a little from it below 🙂

We were talking back and fourth about happiness and thoughts. This conversation lead me to ask Ilya about what she thought about happiness – were people happier before? 

Yes I do think so. People didnt have time to think themselves unhappy then. People hade more to do in a everyday basis. People helped eachother out far more than today. Money… money wasnt the big thing then… do you know how many unhappy thoughts that are out there just about money? Money doesn´t ever make a human happy! Never..

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