Love is the reason why we bother to help you humans 😉

Love surrounds us all and connects us to each other.
The human evolution needs a change. I´ll tell you more about that later.
For now I´ll ask Sonja to describe what it feels like to be connected with us guides? – Ilya

This feeling I recognice from my childhood in the wery early ages of my life I hade the same feeling and it was natural. Now I feel it like having a wery dear friend visiting me and talking with me about thing that´s good for me and my other friends. Sometimes Ilya stands behind me observing sometimes shes right next to me showing me stuff and other times she puts her face right in front of me with intensity just to see that I get it all right!

She never scares me, never..
In the first contact I feel her in the back of my neck where she asks if its okay to connect with me? When I answer yea a great feeling of love surrounds my hole body.

I love talking with her, sometimes she talks so much that I´ll get exhausted!
Especially because I don´t know to write english so well! I often don´t even know what I´m writing! But I´ll just write down what she says 🙂 – Sonja

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