Ilya is my name for you to recognice

I am a heavenly guide and I do guide numerous people down on earth.
I love what I do and I´ll take a challenge any day!
By a challenge I mean a human that does not quite want my help!
Doesn´t that sound recogniceble Sonja?

(I´ll smile and say just yes. Fact of the matter is that I  didn´t want to change my guide and I really gave Ilya a hard time for almost a year before I gave in and started to listen to her guidance)

It´s quite all right though you ain´t the only one but you are a important one so I was ready to cave in and change places with a new guide on your behalf. I´m really happy about your decicion to start listening – just in the last moment!

We had a guide meeting where I lifted this question about my lack of guidance and we asked Sonja if she wanted to change in to a new guide. We don´t normally ask humans if they wants to do changes but in this matter it was really important and luckily Sonja heard the question and woke up!

Since then her education has been flying forward just like its ment to do!

The importance of this matter is that she will get to help numerous of people to wake up to concioussness.

With lots of love and joy
– Ilya

Psst Start listening to your surroundings – it just might be your guide speaking!

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