Memories of the soul

I’ve always believed in reincarnation but thought it only was cruel due to the fact that we don’t remember who we are from one life to the next. That led me to being afraid of death. I remember thinking – what’s the point?

Today I know better!
We are supposed to remember and the clues are in our life, we just have to see them and act on them in order to allowing our brain to recognize it and let the memories of the soul step forward.

By remembering we get a deep connection into life and our understanding grows tremendously. We find our soulmates, soulgroups and can DANCE IN JOY – WE’VE BEEN HERE BEFORE! WE ARE REUNITED! That my friend is an awesome feeling! And it leads to one really great thing… Following your true purpose of life. I did follow it prior to this also but not nearly so effective as I am today. I’ve done it before and I am here today to do the same 🙂

The first step in to this is finding your own inner voice and start using it – daily.

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Just read up on our book Ilya..

Three more years have gone by – in to perfect timing! It’s quite an experience to read our pages now about life and see the last chapter..


“I love this…

I’ve connected so many people recently and I’m going to guide you more now, too, in order to connect you, too.

It’s about money… You have to earn in order to being able to do your task.

Ok, I hear you. What’s my task?

Don’t you know? I’m smiling because I think you do know


Your task is to go out there and BE YOU. Share!”

It has been three very intense years of development to get to where I am now.. Together with a new guide. Ilya has done her part in my life and this time I didn’t object so much in the transition into Marcus who calls himself – the guide of the new time Arch Angel Marcus. He’s a great guide! He chose to talk to me in Latin 😀 Ilya chose English so that I really would believe in her words and this one goes about it in Latin! Like I know more than carpe diem from that great movie!

More than that there’s more funny contradictions.. I live in a huge one because I nowadays teach about humanity, our inner language, our oldest form of communication, our soul, connections with our inner selves, soul transformations, past life memories in order to remember who we ARE and so on and I do that with the latest tech – the latest form of communication.

Marcus who calls him self – Arch Angel of this new time IS Marcus Aurelius soul.. Contradiction? Yeah a quite funny one 😀

Anyway I’ll be sharing quite amazing stuff here about past life experiences and the clues we do experience in this life in order to remember ALL our lives.. I remember thousands of years – hundreds of life’s ALL with the same goal – peace, love – in different ways. I’ve seen my kids in different life’s I’ve been they’re mom in different life’s. I remember being a slave, kidnapped but then tough about Druids in the year of 400 – Why? Because I am a Druidess from thousands of years and had to remember it in that life to help my child. My name was Bragghia and our people was called Picts by others – but that was not who we really wore 😉

So many stories, so much knowledge to gather from our own soul by remembering!

And the funny part? When I looked in to Druids, Druidesses I realized.. THAT’S what I already have been teaching in this life for years!

Do YOU think I smile today when I teach others how to remember?


So darn thankful to you Ilya.. by reading about your words today I clearly see you softly  pushed me in this direction – I LOVE YOU ALL – ILYA 🙂

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Long time no ‘see’

Oh lovely Ilya… I’ve been gone from you quite some time now. Do you forgive me?

You are so stubborn! But of course I understand. It’s been quite a development in your life? Yes?

 Yeah it has! I’m so happy! I live in a good loving relationship with a man that loves so darn much! I do see the light surrounding my home and my family. The light you talked to me about! But it’s been hard to get here.. Its still hard..

 But of course it has been hard for you! You wouldnt have grown otherwise! I’m so happy to connect with you again. I love this.. I’ve connected so many people resently and I’m gonna guide you more now too in order to connect you too. It’s about money.. You have to earn in order to being able to do your task.

I can honestly say I missed her.. I’ve been occupied by some other stuff but I’ve felt her presence all along 🙂

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About happines – connections

I want to ask you about the connection to our soul. Whats your advice for humans that do wanna connect with their souls?

Gratitude is the easy and quick way to learn to love yourself! There´s always something to be grateful of in life. It´s the greatest gift of all.

Feel gratitude… breathe…. feel it again…. Breathe some more… Feel… Thats the feeling of your soul right there!

Do you mean it´s that simple?

But of course! There you are again complicating things thats not yours to complicate! Your soul has but one goal in life and that´s to connect to you in order to make you feel whole! Why wouldnt it be easy?

What about happiness then? Whats your advice to all of these unhappy people that are searching for happiness?

Happiness is something you are born with. The capasity itself is already in you. You loose the ability to feel happy at the very second you start to seach for it outsidde yourself. Its not there to be found – its already in you for you to explore and feel.

 Do you mean that milions of people are wrong when they keep searching for happiness?

Absolute! Happiness as a feeling comes with balance. You cant be happy in a unbalanced body. Mostly you do confuse it all with your thoughts. Not even your own thoughts really. It´s the thoughts of those who got confused in the first place and started to talk about your beliefs and not to beliefs.

The ones who stated that you only can belive in things that the eye can see. Things proven by science. Things you can touch so to say.

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Every human has got the power to be divine in birth. All humans are divine but you have confused the word with so many other things that do not really belong in there.

Divine is the word of a pure heart.

A pure heart does not mean that a human – he or she with a pure heart – doesn’t do any wrong. Not at all! Having a pure heart means that you follow your heart and try to do right by it. You can curse, drink and be mean at times, but yet have a divine personality! Nobody acts all divine all the time! Not a human anyway.


We guides do prank each other too!

Just for the laugh of it!

You people are so darn serious!

Get outta there! Have a laugh! See the world! See the love in it!

Loving. Living. Laughing.

That’s how it is meant to be!

Anger among humans is always hard for us to comprehend!

What is there to be angry about?

Why bother?

 Or in your language: Who gives a shit in about a hundred years? Especially when you fight about material things? Ah, I know it’s about you wanting to own things. Haven’t you understood yet that you can never own anything? Haven’t the universe yet shown you that? At any time you can loose all of your material things. All you have left is your body and soul. That’s how you learn to be You. That’s your capacity to survive. A human stripped in to her own skin without any belongings has the power to survive anyway.

 Of course you need shelter, home, friends, family, food… in order to live but you have an irritating habit of clinging to all you can call mine. Why? Are you happier then? Does the feeling of owning make you happy?

 I don´t think so either.

 In order to be truly happy you people need to have a connection with your soul. You have to act like a whole human! A whole human is connected with all that she is. If you just let your brain lead you… then you are not a whole human. Brain is good to have but not quite so good you want it to be. Even a ¨brainless¨ human – meaning a human without intelligence – can survive and feel good on planet earth.

All it takes to be divine, is to let go of the belief that humans are the greatest of nature’s creatures. But of course you all are great creatures but never the greatest! There is no greatest one of all. There is no creature meant to rule planet earth. When balance gets too unbalanced nature takes care of it. Catastrophes happen in order to create balance.

If you human just understood to create that balance yourselves!

And please, start within you…

To achieve balance…..

Theres numerous things you can do in order to balance up your body mind and soul. I´ll talk about these easy ones


Believe in yourselves

Believe in magic

Don’t neglect your souls desires

Take action

You do feel it clearly when your soul speaks up to you

Take notice of that feeling

Follow it


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Start with love!

Love unconditionally and begin with yourself.
That´s a smart way to start every day.
Open your beatiful eyes each and every morning and be thankful for this day. Smile. Let your smile grow and awake the love within you. Feel that love in your heart. Let this loving feeling grow and expand all over you, all over your room, all over your house and further out to the world.  Now you are ready to get out of bed! Keep in touch with this love during the day. Feel grateful for this love before you go to bed each and every evening.

Sleep tight ~Ilya

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If you feel sorrow – Ilya says – then cry
Let your tears give you relief
Let your tears float free
Know that your tears gives your sorrow wings
Wings that carries a message high high above

Always recieved that message is
Met by love
Transformed into love
Sent back to you

Feel that love from above
You are never alone

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